Labyrinth Investigations, Inc., conducts investigations including but not limited to: criminal and civil investigations, accident reconstruction, surveillance, locating assets, locating people, background investigations, and records checks (people, property, vehicles, etc.,). Sometimes these terms are not clear for people, so some definitions are in order:

Criminal Investigations
Labyrinth Investigations conducts a criminal investigation for two purposes. One would be defense work, to assist a client in defending themselves from a criminal charge. This investigation can entail finding and interviewing witnesses, reviewing the case information, reviewing the evidence, and acquiring information needed to refute the charges to the benefit of the client. The second purpose would be to investigate an alleged crime with the intention of presenting a prosecutable case to the prosecuting attorney.

Civil Investigations
Civil Investigations cover a wide range of sub-topics such as law suit preparation, accident reconstruction, spousal infidelity, child custody, internal investigations for businesses, Fair Labor Standards Act violations, Americans with Disabilities Act violations, pre-employment backgrounds, etc.,.

Accident Reconstruction
Documents the conditions and circumstances of motor vehicle accidents. Reconstructs the events and shows in a scientific manner what occurred.

Polygraph Examinations
Truth verification. Commonly used during an investigation to verify or confirm if someone is telling the truth.

This is an action that may be part of an investigation, documents the activities of a person or a location.

Records Checks
This is done for documentation held by government agencies; criminal records, driving records, property records, tax records, etc.

Background Investigations
This is done to reveal a persons past, to identify ownership of property, and as part of a pre-employment process.